Miller Spectrum Plasma Cutter

Miller Spectrum Plasma Cutter

Condition : New
Brand        : Miller 
M.O.Q       : 1


Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter :


Miller Plasma Cutter Spectrum 875 :
If you’re searching for the highest portable plasma cutter, just select the Plasma Cutter.
Easily carry the device from anywhere even from the workshop due to comfortable in size and you can repair it onsite and do maintenance work with less effort than ever before.


  • Portable. Cut up to 7/8″ mild steel while on the job or shop. At 52 pounds, the additional protecting cover and cable management pouches make the device moment much easier from different locations.
  • Patented Ultra-Quick Connect torch and cable connection give the quickest plasma torch and removal in the industry.
  • NEW! Ultra-Quick Connect™ XT60 torch with an ergonomic hold gives relief to the operator and with the flexible cable, works becomes much easier.
  • Heavy-duty work clamp with adjustable cable and fast connection.
  • Can be powered by any Miller engine drive with a generator power of 10 kW
  • or higher, or comparable competitive equipment.
  • Automatic Air Regulation – For customer comfort, the unit contains no pressure gauge or manual regulator knob. The unit adjusts the air pressure itself to the torch for optimum cutting and gouging.