Dungs Gas Regulator

Dungs Gas Regulator


Brand                      : Dungs, Germany
Condition               : New Imported / Job Lot (Reconditioned) (pictures available on request)
M.O.Q                      : 1
Price                         : Dungs Gas Regulator Available on request.
Select Lines            : 1″ , 1.5″ , 2″


Dungs FRS Gas Pressure Regulators:

Specifications :

  • Dungs Gas Regulator Operating pressure (we provide regulators with calibrition)
  • Connection: DN  OR NPT
  • Input pressure range: 2″ W.C. to 200″ W.C. (5 mbar to 500 mbar) ( regulators available with Presure calibrition)
  • Output pressure range:  2.5 mbar to 200 mbar                                     ( regulators available with Presure calibrition)
  • Adjustable Pressure with springs settings.


The Dungs Combustion Controls FRS Series gas pressure regulators are known best for its industrial and commercial applications like usage at Boilers / Gas ovens etc  and are most useful for high efficiency appliances,

Industrial Appliances that are using direct spark ignition like Gas Burners or hot surface ignition in such situations an effective Gas Regulator is required to fulfil the needs.

Dungs FRS can be operated for on Dry natural gas(methane),  propane, butane, air and almost all the inert gases.
Feel free to Ask us for engineering team for a product support to size your regulators.

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Following are some Models of Dungs Gas Regulator we have

Model : FRS 705 /6 ,Line Size  1/2″  NPT Type (Threaded Line)
Model : FRS 730/6, Line Size 3.0″ NPT Type (Threaded Line) Gas Pressure Regulator.

Additional information

Line Size

1", 1.5, 2"