ESAB Plasma Cutter

ESAB Plasma Cutter


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Brand        : ESAB IMPORTED
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ESAB 400-AMP 230v Plasma Cutter :


ESAB Power Cut 400 Plasma Cutter
ESAB plasma cutters are great for PowerCut400 from ESAB Brand.Its Key Features includes
-Easy to transport device best for workshop manufacturing & maintenance works indoor as well outdoor.

Features & Specifications:

Cutting capacity from 10 mm thick sheets to 35mm so on.
ESAB plasma cutting machines are budget friendly.
Due to its Compact And lightweight designs its ideal for site jobs.

Automatic Sensing
– Work with low input voltage starting from 110V – 230V.
Blowback technology With high-frequency start-ups that can harm CNC controls or computer systems.
Cuttings Mesh material without causing an arc outage, use dynamic arc control to control the pilot ARC Weld.
Generator friendly ESAB Plasma Cutters can be operated on Generators and compatible to work when power is not accessible in the SITE field.
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