About Us

About Bloom Enterprises Major Products List :

1.Cables : (High Temperature Cables (Fire Resistant Cables), Flexible Cables (Soft Cables) to Standared cables (Hard Cables) of different thicknesses & Brands.

2.Electronics : (Inverters , Contactors , Control Panel Box (Enclusure Box),
Different types of sensors like Photo sensors, Weighing sensors , infra red sensors.

3. Bearings : NTN Japan ,SKF ,FKD All brands of bearings in different sizes.

4.HARDWERE : ( Industrial Hardwere Items , Power Tools (Hand Grinders , Drill Machines , Magnetic Drill Machines, Polisher Grinders, Welding Machines ,Plasma Cutters , Sheet cutters )

5.Teflon shafts, Teflon Sheets , Nylon sheets & shafts , Fiber Rubber sheets & Rods (Shafts) of different sizes.

6.Industrial machinery Wheels (Caster Wheels , High Temperature caster wheels)

7.Gas Cylinders : like Argon/Helium/nitrogen Gas cylinders.

8.Welding Electrodes : (Aluminium Alloys ,Stainless Steel 304-316 TIG welding rods,
CS(CARBON STEEL Filler Wires) Brass filler wires , Argon welding TIG MIG Wires ,
Welding Equipments , Pickling & Passivation pastes , weldiong accessories.

Electric Welding Electrodes Brands : ESAB , Metrode , Sandvik , Good Weld , Luna , Magma , Bohlar And many other international Brands.

9.Gear Motors : Imported New & Reconditioned Gear & Motor drives. From 1HP – 50HP & so on. 
Servo Motors.

10.Pumps : CAT & KSB Brands imported pumps suction pumps, centrifugal pumps, Pressure pumps etc.

11.SS MS Fittings : All Pipe fittings of Stainless Steel and Mild steel & GI ,PVC.

12.Power solution : SS Chains , MS Chains and SS , MS Chain Sprockets , Conveyor Chain Belts , Mesh Belts.

13.Imported Pipes : Different sizes as per requirements.

14.insulatin Items : Rock Wool ,Glass Wool , Ceramic Fiber Blanket , Insulation Fire clay ,
fire cement High Alumina , fire bricks , Castable Refractory. Et

15.Gas Burners & Gas regulators : Oil/Gas/Diesel Burners ,  Duel fuel Burners of different Kw of power,
Madas Gas regulators, Dungs Gas regulators , Nitrogen / Oxygen / Helium Gas Regulators ,

16.Liquid & Gas Flow Meters : Elster Flow meters , ABB Flow meters , Sensus Flow meter.

17.Nylon Brusher Rollers , Rubberizing Rollers , Metal Sleeves Making.

18.Pressure Controlling :  Pressure switches , flow control valves , Pressure transmitters , Pressure reducers.