Helium Gas Regulator

Helium Gas Regulator


Regulator Type : High Pressure

ReglatorMaterials            : Stainless Steel & Brass

Inlet Pressure    :  With calibration

Outlet Presssure:  With calibration

M.O.Q: 1

Brand: Multiple brands

Condition: New


Function Of Gas Regulator:

Gas Regulators brings the gas pressure to a normal level by detecting the gas pressure downstream of the regulator and modifying the spring valve as necessary to provide a continual flow of gas.

Helium Gas Regulator:

helium 10-bar regulator is perfect for delivering helium in terms of carrier gas for chromatography. The Helium flow regulator is also used for this regulator including meteorological surveying. helium 4-bar regulator has all the benefits of the 10-bar regulator and features and easier-to-read scale than the 10-bar product for applications at low pressure / High pressure.


  • Gas chromatography, meteorological surveying
  • Replacement date stamped on the regulator.