Huawei Metal Cutting Machine CG2-150B

Huawei Metal Cutting Machine CG2-150B


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Brand  : Huawei (Imported)
Models : Metal Cutting Machine CG2-150B 
Condition : Brand New.

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Huawei Metal Cutting Machine CG2-150B (Profile Cutter):


1.Weight(Body) :61.5 KG
2. Machine dimension :1190mm×335mm×870mm
3.Speed control :SCR
4.Power source :220V 50HZ
5. Cutting speed :50~750/mm/min
6. Cutting thickness :5~100mm
7. The diameter of cutting circle. :ø20~ø600mm
8. Length of cutting line. :1200mm
9. Size of cutting rectangle. :400mm×900mm, 450mm×750mm
10.Motor :55/ZYT DC110V24W   3600r/min

Contents of package

1. Main body 1set
2. Standard torch unit assemblage 1set
3. Tip (acetylene 1 # 2 # 3#  ) 3pcs
4.Power wire 1pc
5. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification 1pc each
6. Gas-in connector 1set
Standard accessory
1.balance bar 2pcs
2.Heavy punch 1set
3.Sample plate of circle 1set
4.Angle-iron and connecting pipe(CG2-150BA) 1pc each


Material  : Metal Product handled profile Associated function Cutting speed
Max.        : 750 mm/min (0.492 in/s)
Min.        : 50 mm/min (0.033 in/s)


Additional information

Weight 10 kg