Snatch Block Hook

Snatch Block Hook

Condition : Brand New / Reconditioned
M.O.Q       : 2 Pcs
Colors        : Customized


Snatch Block Hook Features :

  • Increased efficiency: By eliminating the need to thread the rope, Snatch Block Hooks can significantly reduce the time and effort required for rigging and lifting tasks. This can lead to improved productivity and cost savings.

  • Safety: Snatch Block Hooks are typically equipped with a safety latch that helps to prevent the hook from accidentally opening and releasing the load. This adds an extra layer of security to lifting operations.
  • Durability: Snatch Block Hooks are constructed from high-strength steel and are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting. They are often heat-treated and coated to resist corrosion and wear.

  • Portability: Snatch Block Hooks are relatively compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store. This is especially beneficial for workers who need to move their equipment frequently.

  • Roller bearings: Some Snatch Block Hooks are equipped with roller bearings for smoother operation and reduced wear.

  • Swivel hooks: Some Snatch Block Hooks have swivel hooks that allow the load to rotate freely, preventing twisting and binding of the rope


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