Lifting Beams Crane Spreader Beam

Lifting Beams Crane Spreader Beam

Crane Spreader Beams In Karachi Pakistan :

Condition : Brand New / Order to made
Material    : M.S / SS


Lifting Beams Crane Spreader Beam :

Main Featues :

  • Multiple lifting points: Feature two or more sling attachment points at the ends of the beam, spreading the load across slings or chains.
  • Adjustable length: Many models allow changing the distance between lifting points to match the load’s width.
  • Increased stability: The wider lifting base enhances control and reduces the risk of tipping during lifting.
  • Applications: Perfect for lifting large, elongated objects like pipes, tanks, or long beams, or for situations where precise load positioning is required.

Additional Features :

Both lifting beams and crane spreader beams can come with additional features to enhance safety and functionality, such as:

  • Safety latches: Prevent slings or chains from accidentally detaching.
  • Overload indicators: Warn the operator if the beam is reaching its capacity.
  • Durable paint or coatings: Protect the beam from corrosion and wear.
  • Swivel hooks: Allow for easier load rotation during lifting.
  • Removable handles: Facilitate transport and storage.


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Type SWL (Tonne) Weight (kg) “A” (Metres)
LCSB 2×2 2.0 70 2.0
LCSB 3×3 3.0 110 3.0
LCSB 5×4 5.0 300 4.0
LCSB 10×4 10.0 480 4.0
LCSB 10×7 10.0 1350 7.0

LCSB Crane Spreader Beam Drawing