Chain Pulley Hoist

Chain Pulley Hoist

M.O.Q       : 1
Condition : Reconditioned / Brand New.
Brand        : Toyo , Elephant , Black Bear , Vital chain block Etc
Load Capacities : 5 ton chain hoist ,5 ton electric chain hoist ,


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Chain Block :

Chain Hoist 1 Ton
Designed for safe, easy, and efficient load lifting
Lift chain is approximate . 5ft long
Pull chain hangs down approximate  6 feet from the hoist (chain is actually approximate  12 feet)
Safety latch hooks
Hooks swivel for easier connection and maneuverability

Chain Block Load Capacities Available : 1 Ton , 2 ton hoist , 10 Tons hand chain hoist , electric chain hoist 500kg, chain lift hoist
10 ton electric hoist ,  motorized chain hoist ,

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Weight 100 kg