Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Condition         : Brand New / Reconditioned
Brands              : Various imported brands
Load Capacity  : 10Tons , 20Tons ,30Tons ,40Tons, 50Tons , 100Tons


Pneumatic Chain Hoists Featuring Versatility and Safety in Heavy Lifting

Pneumatic chain hoists, powered by compressed air, offer a unique set of features that make them ideal for a wide range of heavy lifting applications in various environments. Here’s a breakdown of their key features:

Safety :

  • Intrinsically safe: Suitable for hazardous environments like flammable or explosive areas due to the absence of electricity.
  • Reliable braking: Fail-safe mechanisms prevent load drops in case of air pressure loss.
  • Durable construction: Robust design withstands harsh conditions and demanding tasks.


Versatility :

  • Flexible power source: Utilizes readily available compressed air, eliminating dependence on electrical outlets.
  • High lifting capacities: Available in capacities from a few tons to massive 100-ton models.
  • Adaptable configurations: Stationary, trolley-mounted, and specialized options for unique needs.
  • Low maintenance: Simple design requires minimal lubrication and upkeep.
  • Lifting speed: Choose between single-speed or variable speed models for precise positioning.
  • Headroom requirements: Select a low-headroom design for tight spaces.
  • Trolley type: Push, hand-geared, or pneumatic trolleys for enhanced movement versatility.
  • Control options: Pendant control, remote control, or integrated lever control for operator convenience.