Puma Technometer/RPM Meter

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Puma Technometer/RPM Meter:


The Puma Technometer/RPM Meter measures the speed at which a shaft or disc rotates within a machine, such as a motor.

The device typically uses LED digital technology to display the revolutions per minute (RPM).


One multipurpose instrument combines contact and photo tachometers (RPM, m/min, and ft/min). It can also be used to measure things like frequency, cycle, pulse times, distance between pulses, user-defined distance between pulses, etc. Digital display that is error-free. High resolution and a wide measurement range.
It will automatically store the most recent, minimum, and maximum values in memory.
Elegant shape and simplicity of use are guaranteed by the use of sturdy, long-lasting components, including a strong, lightweight ABS-plastic casing.
To connect with a PC, use the USB data output.
Give users an option of Bluetooth data output.


Used to calculate the motor’s frequency, surface speed, and rotational speed. applicable to the motor, fan, chemical fibre, washing machine, car, aeroplane, steamer, etc. product departments.



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