Toro Irrigation Controllers

Toro Irrigation Controllers


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Brand         :  TORO


 Toro Irrigation Controllers:

Toro Irrigation Controllers

  • 4-16 Zone (Station) Modular Controller
  • Simple button interface and menu system with shortcut buttons for fast access to frequently used features
  • Efficiently upgradeable to Smart managing and wireless, cloud-based connectivity through a proprietary Smart Connect receiver
  • Backlit LCD display


The Toro Series Controller is a one-of-a-kind irrigation controller designed to help you meet your residential and light commercial customers’ needs. Modular between 4 and 16 stations, the controller features a unique and intuitive menu system that delivers straightforward programming and easy-to-understand prompts. Shortcut buttons allow rapid access to basic watering activities, while the old Toro sprinkler controller’s advanced menu provides specialized options such as Grow In schedules, an Auxiliary schedule for accessories, and delayed starts across zones.

Toro Irrigation Controller with a Smart Connect plug-in receiver will allow wireless connectivity to water saving accessories, such as an ET-based Weather Sensor, Precision, Soil Sensor, or SMRT Logic Internet Gateway.

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