Digital Multimeter Ampere Watt Meter (Tong Tester)

Digital Multimeter Ampere Watt Meter (Tong Tester)


Product details:

AC Current (Ampere) 400
DC Voltage (Volt) 600
AC Voltage (Volt) 600
Jaw Open (mm) 30 mm
Warranty 1 Year
Safety Rating CAT III 600 V
Temperature 0 ~ 40 degree C
Screen refresh rate 2 times / sec.
Test leads TL75
Battery 2 AA batteries
Size 208 x 58.5 x 28
Backlight display Yes
Jaw Size 30 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

100 in stock


Eight Pin 8-Pin Connector :

Product Details:


Solid State Multifunction Timer H3CR-A8 Series

A 1/16 DIN solid state multi-function timer

Functions 111, 411, 421, 611

Nine timing ranges from 0.005s to 300h

Power indicator, output indicator, operating mode display

Relay output rated 250Vac 5A

Complies with EN61812-1 (VDE0435/P2021) and EN60664-1 (VDE0110) 4kV/2

Timing functions A, B2, E, J

Timing range 0.05s to 300h

Terminals 8 pin Octal style

Supply voltage (423-4982, 423-5008) 100-240Vac, 100-125Vdc

Supply voltage (423-4998) 24-48Vac, 12-48Vdc

Operating temp range -10°C to +55°C

Mechanical life (no load) 20×106 operations min.

Electrical life 10 x 104 operations min.

Output (423-4982, 423-4998) Relay DPDT

Output (423-5008) Relay SPDT + SPDT Instantaneous.


Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 38.1 × 6 mm