Kolor Kut Gasoline Finding Paste

Kolor Kut Gasoline Finding Paste


Condition : New
M.O.Q       : 1
Brand        : Kolor Kut Gasoline Gouging Paste.
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FT200KK Water Finding Paste:

Gasoline gauging paste to check for water at the bases of the gasoline storage tanks. The brown paste turns bright red when it comes into contact with water, giving you a visual indication of how deep the water is. This apparatus can only be used with fuels like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, gas oil, heating oil, heavy oil, and lubricating oil that have been poured onto a rod or string with a bottom weight.

Whats In The Box:

Content   : 85g
Quantity  : One Piece
Made in USA

Industrial Applications  Of Water Finding Paste:

Moisture finding OR  liquid finding Paste solution.
water finding paste for diesel,gasoline etc.

Directions for use :

Apply a thin layer of kolor kut water locating paste on a clean gauge line or rod at the anticipated location of the water level. Till the bottom of the tank is reached, lower the tape. The level is indicated by positive color contrast. In gas oils, kerosene, diesel, and gasoline, instantaneous. It takes some time for heavy oils.