Victor Flowmeter Gas Regulator

Victor Flowmeter Gas Regulator


Condition : New
Brand        : Victor (American Imported)
M.O.Q        : 1


Victor Flowmeter Gas Regulator For Inert Gases Regulator: (Argon Helium Nitrogen)

Name    : Victor Flowmeter Co2 Gas Regulator
Gas        : Inert gases (Nitrogen, helium Etc )

The following delivery ranges are available: 15-70 argon, 40-200 helium gas, and as needed, calibration
Max Inlet Pressure         : 25 at the appropriate calibration
A 5/8 inlet connection is used “-18 Calibrated as necessary
Connection for the oblique: 5/8 “18 Calibrated as necessary


victor co2 regulator Designed for CO2 application (non-siphoned tube cylinders)
victor heavy duty oxygen regulators are Prepared for core wire applications
Machined aluminum body & housing cap
Stem type seat mechanism
Diaphragm: 1.75″ (44.5 mm) fabric reinforced neoprene
victor propane regulator Self reseating comfort valve (not to protect downstream tools)

victor gauges oxygen acetylene Gas regulators and flowmeters for noble gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and helium.

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