Dungs Air Pressure Switch

Dungs Air Pressure Switch


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Brand         : Dungs Germany.
Condition  : Brand New


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Dungs Air Pressure Switch:

The Dungs A2P pressure switch is a device commonly used in gas-fired heating systems, particularly in conjunction with gas burners. It’s designed to monitor and control gas pressure within the system to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Industrial burners are operated through these Differential air pressure switches which are compact, field-adjustable pressure switches used to regulate equipments automatically.
These pressure switches are best used to build or break a medium pressure circuit as it fluctuates in relation to the setpoints.

Industrial Applications:

  1. Pressure Sensing: The pressure switch senses the pressure of the gas within the system. It can detect variations in pressure and respond accordingly.
  2. Pressure Adjustment: Some models of the A2P pressure switch may allow for adjustment of the pressure setpoint,
  3. Reliability: Dungs is known for producing high-quality components for gas systems, and the A2P pressure switch is designed for reliability and durability in demanding industrial environments.
Air pressure switch known in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in many commercial appliances.
Dungs pressure switch is Used as a pressure or vacuum switch for air and sometimes for non-aggressive gases.
It is not workable for natural gases like , propane, butane and Combustible gases.

Dungs Pressure Switch Models As Follows:

1.Dungs LGW 50 A2P Pressure Switch.
2.Dungs Pressure Switch Ip54.

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Dungs GW 150 A6, Dungs LGW 10 A4, Dungs LP54, Dungs LGW3A2