Dungs Air Pressure Switch

Dungs Air Pressure Switch


M.O.Q        : 1
Brand        : Dungs
Condition: New


Dungs Air Pressure Switch:

Industrial burners are operated through these Differential air pressure switches which are compact, field-adjustable pressure switches used to regulate equipments automatically.
Flanged Type Hose or NPT threaded connectors both are available in Dungs PRVS.
These pressure switches are best used to build or break a medium pressure circuit as it fluctuates in relation to the setpoints.

Industrial Applications:

Air pressure switch known in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in many commercial appliances.
Dungs pressure switch is Used as a pressure or vacuum switch for air and sometimes for non-aggressive gases.
It is not workable for natural gases like , propane, butane and Combustible gases.