Thermometer Gauge(Stem Gauge)

Thermometer Gauge(Stem Gauge)


Condition : New
Brand        : Chinese Imported
M.O.Q       : 1
Dial Type Thermometer


Thermometer Gauge (Stem Gauge):

Details & Specifications Of Thermometer Gauge:

This is a bimetal system has two metal strips bonded with different thermal expansion coefficients. As a result of one strip expanding faster than the other, the bimetal strip curls in proportion to its temperature. The bimetal system is helically wound and heat is given for durable stability. Temperature deviations cause the bimetal strip to unwind or wind tighter, rotating the pointer. Different model sizes are available with different mounting arrangements.


One percent accuracy
50mm, 100mm and other sizes for dials
Made of: Flush fittings, a locking casing, and a bazel
Metallic Bi Coils as Measuring Elements

Industrial Application Areas:

Chemicals, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Cement, Sugar, Food, and Paper