O Ring Seal Kit

O Ring Seal Kit


Condition : New
Brand        : Taiwan Imported.
M.O.Q       : 1
Number of o rings : 382


O Ring Seal Kit High Temperature:

O-ring kit grooves guarantee that the o-rings to be changed are precisely measured.

The Neoprene o ring kit is High resistant to temperature and oil, acid, or bases.

It is mostly used in automobiles and mechanical devices.

Industrial Application:

-Industrially these rubber o ring kit is mostly industrial and hydraulic usage in heavy machinery.
-O Ring Seal Kit Can be used as Reciprocating Dynamic Seals, Rotary Seals .
-O-Rings are used as a dynamic reciprocating applications, usually in fields of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure piston. For short stroke purposes, Smaller or Longer the stroke maybe applications require thicker or thinner cross sectional O-Rings seals accordingly.

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