CRC Rust Remover

CRC Rust Remover

Condition : New
M.O.Q       : 1
Brand        : CRC (Imported)


CRC Rust Remover:

Chemical type          : CRC Rust Remover
Quantity  available  : 250ml
Nature of product    : Liquid Form
Packed in                   : Plastic Bottles
Color                          : CRC rust remover spray is colorless.

Features And Benefits Of CRC Rust Remover:

-No any other chemicals mixing needed the formula of CRC is a complete solution for Anti Rusting.
-After applying the CRC Solution Rust is Instantly converted into a Black Primer.
-Long Lasting effects on surfaces & its protective.

Industrial Applications:

-Cleaning of Rusted equipment’s and machinery parts in industry.
-Rusted Iron OR Stainless Steel cleaning.



Watch Here How It Works: