Rubber Adhesive TRS 4004

Rubber Adhesive TRS 4004


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Packaging          : 750ml  & 1.04Kg


TRS 4004 Rubber Adhesive :

The adhesive is based on CR (polychloroprene rubber), a type of synthetic rubber known for its excellent adhesive properties. The inclusion of ethyl acetate as a solvent in TRS 4004 contributes to its low toxicity and acceptable odor profile, making it more suitable for use in open or well-ventilated areas.

Key features and benefits of TRS 4004 adhesive include:

  1. Compatibility: Suitable for bonding a wide range of mate rubber adhesive rubber cement including rubber, fabric, and metal, allowing for versatile applications.
  2. Cold Vulcanizing: Capable of bonding materials without the need for heat application, making it convenient for various bonding (rubber cementing) tasks.
  3. Chlorinated Solvent-Free: Eliminates the use of chlorinated solvents, enhancing safety and reducing environmental impact.
  4. Low Toxicity: Ethyl acetate, the solvent used in the adhesive, has low toxicity, contributing to a safer working environment.
  5. Acceptable Odor: The adhesive emits an odor that is deemed acceptable, making it more comfortable to work with, especially in well-ventilated areas.

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750ml, 1.04Kg