10 Ton Lever Hoist Hand Lifting

10 Ton Lever Hoist Hand Lifting

Toyo,Vital,Elephant Lever Hoist Hand Lifting 5 – 50 Tons :

Load Capacities : 2Ton , 3ton, 5ton,10ton,15ton,20ton,50ton Etc
Condition            : Brand New / Reconditioned (Job Lot)


10 Ton Lever Hoist Hand Lifting In Pakistan :

Compact and Portable :

Unlike their bulky chain hoist counterparts, lever hoists are surprisingly compact and lightweight. Imagine a toolbox on steroids! This makes them ideal for confined spaces, overhead work, and situations where portability is crucial.

Effortless Lifting :

Forget straining and sweating! Lever hoists boast ingenious mechanical advantages that translate minimal user effort into significant lifting power. A short pump of the lever can raise substantial weights, saving your back and energy.

3. Precise Control :

Lever hoists offer exceptional control over your lift. The short, controlled strokes of the lever allow for fine-tuning the load’s position, making them perfect for delicate maneuvering and accurate placement.

4. Versatility at its Finest :

Lever hoists aren’t one-trick ponies! They can handle lifting, pulling, tensioning, and even securing tasks. This versatility makes them valuable tools for construction, maintenance, rigging, and various industrial applications.