• Nichia Stainless steel pickling passivation liquid

Nichia Stainless Steel Cleaning liquid

Condition : New
Brand        : Nichia (Imported Japan)
M.O.Q       : 1
Application: Stainless steel passivation, picking or cleaning rusty steel parts/machines.

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Nichia Stainless Steel Pickling & Passivation Paste:

Nichia Stainless Steel cleaning liquid for steel.
Stainless steel passivation paste.
Pickling paste / gel for stainless steel grade L-201,304 & 316.

Applications and Features

-The stainless steel welding seams are pickled using the pickling paste.
-It cleans the welding seam areas of welding cinders and anneling colours.
-The product has a low chloride level and is devoid of hydrochloric acid.


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