Murex Saffire NM-250

Murex Saffire NM-250


Brand Name : Murex Sapphire (Oxy Actetylene Cutting Torch)
Model  #        : NM-250
Torch Type    : Gas Torch
Body Material: Brass
M.O.Q              : 1

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Specifications Of Murrix Saphire Gas Cutting NM-250 :

-Cutting Range                     : Starting from 100mm Thickness MS Plate.    

-Cutting Type                         : Blow Pipe Mixing Cutting

-Fuels Can Be Used             : Acetylene / LPG

-Length of Cutter NM-250 :  520mm

-Head Angle Cutting             : 90°

Torch Connection:  3/8 BSP RH for Oxygen 3/8 BSP LH
Fuel Gas (LPG/ Acetylene)
Murex saffire Brand Torch

Murex Saffire Cutting Torch NM250, Stainless Steel/Brass, 250MM 100 mm Cutting Capacity.


Industrial Application Of Murrix Saphire Gas Cutting NM-250:

Cuttings of heavy metal sheets , pipes , any material can be cutted through this NM-250
Brass sheets cuttings , stainless steel cuttings , Ms Iron cuttings can be done through Murrix sapphire NM-250

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