Modicon Logic Controller

Modicon Logic Controller


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Overview of the Modicon Logic Controller:

The Modicon Logic Controller from Schneider Electric is a controller with a wide range of capabilities.
The EcoStruxure Machine Expert Programming Guide includes a description of the Software configuration.

Speed up the machine’s design features.
Software from So Machine.
maximise operation while minimising maintenance.

-Transparent diagnosis with remote access
-Increase the efficiency of your machine.
-Up to 16 independent axes.
-Up to 2400 I/Os are typically needed for digital I/O.
-Analog I/O needs often call for 12 or 16 bits of resolution.
-Advanced capabilities: Reflex output, HSC, and event tasks
-Peripheral apparatuses
– Servos and drives: up to 16 (avg. 8)
– Graphic HMI
– Embedded ethernet as the top-level connection


-The Modicon M258 Logic Controllers are designed for machine builders (OEMs) and offer effective solutions for speed control, high speed counting, motion, and communication networks. They are small and completely extensible. The market’s demands for ease of installation and evolution were taken into consideration when designing it.


Control of general machines