Magnetic Drill Machine

Magnetic Drill Machine


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The Magnetic Drill Machine Swivel Base technology of BDS allows easy and precise movement of the drilling machine on the magnet. The machine can be swiveled by 30° to the left and right and be moved 20 mm forward and backward. Precise centering is thus significantly easier. Swivel Base ensures greater comfort and safety, particularly when working on a vertical surface or overhead.


  • Suitable for small workplace
  • Small size and easy carrying
  • Strong drilling capacity and high efficiency
  • Strong adhesion and reliable safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior performance


Magnetic Drilling Device

The drilling machine is easy to move and precisely on the magnet thanks to BDS’s Magnetic Drill Machine Swivel Base technology. The gadget includes a 30° left and right swivel and a 20 mm forward and backward movement range. Thus, precise centering is considerably simpler. Swivel bases provide more comfort and safety, especially when the best magnetic drill press working overhead or on vertical surfaces.



Dewalt magnetic drill press Appropriate for a small office
Small and portable for transporting
Great efficiency and a large drilling capacity
Robust adherence and trustworthy safety
A simple operation
Simple to maintain
Superior results.


  • Preferred to drill heavy steel sections areas when a handheld drill would not suffice.