• Dewalt Drill Machine

    Dewalt Drill Machine

    Condition   :     New

    M.O.Q         :     1

    Brand         :     Dewalt


  • Ingco Drill Machine

    Ingco Drill Machine

    Condition :   New

    M.O.Q.      :   1

    Brand        :   Makita/Black & Decker/ Dongcheng / Ingco /

  • Magnetic Drill Machine

    Magnetic Drill Machine

    Condition :   New
    M.O.Q.      :   1
    Brand        :   Imported


    The Magnetic Drill Machine Swivel Base technology of BDS allows easy and precise movement of the drilling machine on the magnet. The machine can be swiveled by 30° to the left and right and be moved 20 mm forward and backward. Precise centering is thus significantly easier. Swivel Base ensures greater comfort and safety, particularly when working on a vertical surface or overhead.


    • Suitable for small workplace
    • Small size and easy carrying
    • Strong drilling capacity and high efficiency
    • Strong adhesion and reliable safety
    • Easy to operate
    • Low maintenance
    • Superior performance