Dewalt Drill Machine

Dewalt Drill Machine


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Brand         :     Dewalt



Dewalt Drill Machine:

Dewalt Drilling Machines are High-performance Dewalt drills that have an impact energy of 2.6 joules. With a full-speed spinning brush ring that rotates at the same pace whether you’re moving forward or backward, the Dewalt 10mm drill machine reverse feature helps you remove jammed drill bits.


The Dewalt hammer drill machine is perfect for drilling holes from 4 to 26 mm in diameter for anchors and fixings in concrete and masonry.
Rotation-stop for soft masonry, occasionally concrete, and mild chiseling applications in brick
Impact-stop for drilling in applications involving ceramic, steel, wood, and screw driving
Should the bit jam, a mechanical clutch eliminates a quick, high-torque reaction.
Electronic speed control provides complete control in every application.


  • Power Input: 800 Watts
  • No Load Speed: 0-1500 rpm
  • Blows per Minute: 0-5500 bpm
  • Impact energy (EPTA 05/2009): 2.6 J
  • Tool Holder: SDS-Plus
  • Max. Drilling Capacity [Wood]: 30 mm

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