Magmaweld Welding Machine

Magmaweld Welding Machine

Condition      : Brand New Box Pack
Brand Name : Magmaweld Imported.
M.O.Q            : 1


Magmaweld Welding Machine Specifications:

  • Operates with 3 Phase 400V-50/60 Hz mains voltage and generators, tolerates voltage fluctuations up to 15%.
  • Due to inverter technology, energy efficiency is higher than the conventional machines.
  • TIG arc ignition by HF or Lift TIG.
  • Excellent welding of thin metals due to very stable low current performance and pulse abilities.
  • Advanced TIG settings; Pre-Gas, Slope-Up, Welding Current, Slope-Down, Post-Gas and Crater Filling.
  • Offers 10 JOB memory.
  • Interval timer for spot welding.
  • 2/4 Triggering and Current Adjustment via torch and foot pedal.
  • Welding parameters are monitored on the digital display.
  • Excellent welding characteristics for wide range of stick electrodes.
  • Advanced Stick Electrode options; Hot Start for easy ignition, Arc Force for arc stability, Anti Stick to prevent electrode sticking.
  • VRD for hazardous environments such as mines.
  • Stable welding current without loss of performance due to electric line fluctuations or with long welding and electrical cables.
  • Optional gas cylinder platform with large wheels to ease mobility in workshops.
  • Fan cooling and thermal protection against overheating.
  • Standard accessories come with the machine.

Technical Details:

Power Source
Mains Voltage (3Ph) 400 V
Input Power (MMA) 13 (%35) kVA
Input Power (TIG) 9,5 (%35) kVA
Welding Current Range 5 – 250 ADC
Nominal Welding Current 250 (%35) ADC
Open Circuit Voltage 85 VDC
Electrode Diameter 1.60 – 4.00 mm
Tungsten Electrode Diameter 1.00 – 3,20 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 570 x 253 x 394 mm
Weight (Net) 24 Kg
Cooling Type HAVA
Protection Class IP21