Rod Oven 5 KG

Rod Oven 5 KG


Condition : New
Brand        : Imported
M.O.Q       : 1
Product     : Rod Oven 5KG / Rod Oven 10KG


Rod Oven 5KG Portable Oven Details & Specifications:

  • Rod Oven 5 KG , Rod Oven 5KG & other big capacities ovens for welding rods drying.
  • Thermostatic control 50 to 200 degree Celsius
  • Insulated handle
  • Clip lock lid
  • Internal rod platform and shaft.
  • Heating capacity 210W
  • Capacity 5 kg.

Industrial Applications Of Welding Rod Ovens :

Welding rod ovens are also known as Electrode Stabilization Ovens  (welding electrode drying oven) which are used to perform high quality welding joints during stick welding (SMAW) operations.

They prevent the welding rods (electrodes) from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere although if the welding rods absorb moisture from environment it will defacts the welding joints like cracking and porosity of welding joints to make sure the welding joints are strong welding rods needs to be in dry form & to make in dry we industrially welding electrode heater is a good choice which is available in Rod Oven 5 KG 0r 10kg capacities as well as huge capacities.

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