M.S Nuts Bolts Washers

M.S Nuts Bolts Washers


Condition : New
Brand        : China Imported / Local Manufactured.
M.O.Q       : 5Kgs.

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Specification & Types Of Nut Bolts :

M.S Nuts Bolts Washers fasteners” typically refer to a range of fastening components made from mild steel. These include Nuts,Bolts, and Plain washers,Spring washers Full Threaded Rods, Half Threaded Studs,Anchor Bolts , Eye Bolts & many other fastening Items. These Fasteners are Constructed from mild steel, Stainless Steel 304 & 316 , Brass , High Tensile materials Etc.
They come in different sizes, shapes, and thread configurations to suit different applications, such as construction, machinery assembly, automotive, and general hardware use.


We have a Wide Range Sizes of  GI,SS M.S Nuts Bolts Washers.

Material : MS Iron
Galvanized Iron. (GI)
Mild Steel. (MS)

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12mm x 25mm, 12mm x 50mm, 12mm x 75mm, 12mm x 100mm, 14mm x 25mm, 14mm x 50mm, 14mm x 75mm, 14mm x 100mm, 16mm x 25mm, 16mm x 50mm, 16mm x 75mm, 16mm x 100mm, 18mm x 50mm, 18mm x 100mm, 25mm x 50mm, 25mm x 75mm, 25mm x 100mm, 25mm x 200mm, 50mm x 75mm, 50mm x 100mm