SS Allen Bolts LKey

SS Allen Bolts LKey


Condition : New.
Material     : Stainless Steel L-304 / 316 Grades.
Brand          : Imported.
M.O.Q         : 20Pcs


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SS Allen Bolts LKey : Also known as socket head cap screws or Allen screws, these bolts have a hexagonal socket in their head and require an Allen wrench or hex key to tighten or loosen them. They are commonly used in various applications where a low-profile fastener is needed, such as machinery, automotive, and furniture assembly.L Key Bolts are those tightened or loosened using an L-shaped hex key, also known as an Allen wrench or Allen key.


SS Allen Bolts L Key Applications : 

Machinery And Equipment Assembly: SS Allen Bolts LKey are frequently used in the assembly of machinery and equipment, including  industrial machinery,

Automotive Industry: Allen bolts are extensively used in automotive applications for assembling engine components, chassis, suspension systems, and interior parts.


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