• Lathe Bearing Center

    Lathe Bearing Center Tailstock

    Product          :  Lathe Bearing Center
    Brand Name : China Imported /Japan Imported
    Condition      : Brand New
    Color              : Black & Steel color.
    M.O.Q            : 1

  • Dead Center FIxed Center

    Dead Center (Fixed Center)

    The point mosaics tungsten carbide, the surface hardness is above HRC85 degree, resistant to wear and tear, the accuracy is reliable(less than 0.01).

    • The taper shank is made from high quality steel, the quenching hardness is between HRC40 and HRC45, it will be durable and wear-resisting after quenching.
    • Material: the top point is made from carbide, the handle is made from 45#steel.
    • The alloy top hardness: larger than HRC85.
    • The handle hardness: between HRC40 and HRC45.
    • Central angle: 60 degrees.
    • The total length: 100mm.

    Sizes are explained through the drawing.


  • HSS Cobalt Cutter

    HSS Cobalt Cutter

    Condition : New
    Brand        : Molly
    M.O.Q       : 1