ZRC Galvanizing Compound

ZRC Galvanizing Compound


Condition : New
Volume     : 2.72KG
Brand        : ZRC Galvanizing Compound (Imported )
M.O.Q       : 1


ZRC Galvanizing Compound Features:

  • One pack, a premixed, direct apply liquid organic zinc compound
  • True galvanic protection
  • ZRC paint is Equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • ZRC coating is available in clog-free aerosol form.
  • THE original cold ZRC Galvanizing Compound.

Industrial Applications:

ZRC is widely used in hot-dip galvanizing And Also used as a high-performance base coat with a variety of topcoats.
Also Used to repair the damaged galvanizing Galvalume® and zinc metallizing,
-Regalvanizing worn hot-dip galvanizing,
-To Repair the damaged inorganic zinc coatings.
-ZRC Compound gives Long-term exellent performance by protecting the steel or MS structurs , transmission towers and steel decking and bridges,

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