Kolor Kut Water Finding

Kolor Kut Water Finding


Item       : Kolor Kut Water Finding
Content  : 85g
Quantity : One Piece
Made in  : USA
M.O.Q     : 6
Box of      : 12 pcs



Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste (FT200KK):

Water Detection Paste:

Kolor Kut Water Finding paste is used to inspect the gasoline storage tanks‘ bases for the presence of water. When the brown paste comes into touch with water, water finding paste turns blazing red, providing you with a visual indicator of how deep the water is.

Whats In The Box:

Content   : 85g
Quantity  : One Piece
Made in USA

Industrial Applications  Of Water Finding Paste:

Moisture finding OR  liquid finding Paste solution.
water finding paste for diesel, gasoline etc.

Application Guidelines:

Useage of a thin layer of kolor kut at clean gauge line OR rod to the expected water level areas  Until the bottom of the tank is reached, lower the tape. The level is displayed by positive color contrast change . Kolar Kut needs some time for the following products as In gas oils, kerosene, diesel, and gasoline, heavy oils. Etc


Some Industrial Application Examples :

-Water finding paste for diesel (oil finding paste)
-Fuel finding paste
-Water sounding paste (water testing paste) water gauging paste