Ultrasonic Grease Gun

Ultrasonic Grease Gun

Condition : New Imported
M.O.Q       : 1
Origin        : Chinese & Other Countries


Ultrasonic Grease Gun Speciations & features:

This Ultrasonic high pressure grease gun is Designed for maintenance teams in technical departments.
During using grease gun the device allows the user technician to distribute the right amount of lubricant into bearing housings for lubrication.

This grease filling machine is fully equiped to over come the under lubrication / over lubrication of bearing hence increasing life.
The device is best used for a different range of bearings.

Industrial Applications Of High Pressure Grease Pump:

-As Electric motors lubrication , Pumps & fans compressors and Conveyors Bearings Oiling.
-Avoiding over-lubrication or extra greasing therefore costs saves the extra amount of lubricator waste.
-Combining sound with visual displays assists the technician to re-lubricate with highest accuracy