Grease Gun (Grease Hand Pump)

Grease Gun (Grease Hand Pump)


Brand Name : SFK , Japanese Brands , China Imported
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Condition      : Brand New

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It is suitable for filling grease with a filling pump/grease pump, and is also suitable for grease cartridges. The ergonomic design, flexible hose, and the ability to mount the hose in both vertical and horizontal positions make it easy to use.

Name of the product: a grease gun 1 kg of grease intake
Made in: China

Specifications & Features:
Designed for rough treatment with a cast iron pump head,plunger and extra heavy follower spring. The “Flip over” follower provides a superior seal, allowing the gun to be easily loaded by suction, filler pump or cartridge. Pistol grip versions and additional options make grease gun the obvious choice.