Superlon Open Cell Sheets

Superlon Open Cell Sheets

Superlon Open Cell / Close Cell Sheets Sizes :

1.22 meter x 8 meter x 1 “


Superlon Open Cell Sheets:

Open-Cell Sheets / Close Cell Sheets  are similar to closed-cell foam, Used for Many Commercial industrial applications across various industries
Their unique properties and versatility makes it unique to stand alone.Open-cell foam is characterized by its interconnected cell structure, which allows air and moisture to pass through, making it suitable for applications where breathability is required.

Close Cell Sheets:

On the other hand Closed-cell foam sheets, unlike their open-cell counterparts, are specifically designed to prevent the passage of air and moisture due to their sealed cell structure.

Sheets Applications : 

Cushioning and Padding., HVAC Air Filters. Moisture Absorption and Evaporation. Filtration Media. Sealing and Gasketing. Vibration Dampening Etc