Reflective Cone

Reflective Cone


M.O.Q : 10
Condition : New
Colors        : Orange / White Reflevtive stripes
Material   : Plastic


Reflective Cone :

A reflective cone, also known as a traffic cone or safety cone, is a conical-shaped device typically made of durable, brightly colored materials such as orange or fluorescent yellow. These cones are designed to enhance visibility and provide guidance or warning in various situations

Sizes Of Cones & Colors :

36 orange traffic cones.
18 inch orange traffic cones,
12 inch orange cones.

Reflective Cones Key Features : 

High Visibility: Reflective cones are typically brightly colored to ensure high visibility, even in low-light conditions or during inclement weather. The vibrant colors.

Reflective Bands: Many reflective cones feature bands of reflective material, such as reflective tape or strips, around the upper portion of the cone.

Traffic Management: Reflective cones are commonly used in traffic management and control, serving as temporary markers or barriers to redirect traffic, delineate lanes.

Construction Sites: Reflective cones are a staple safety device on construction sites, where they are used to mark hazardous areas, work zones, equipment, or temporary obstructions.


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Additional information

Cone Height

6", 12", 18”, 28”, 36”