Loctite Clover Compound

Loctite Clover Compound


Loctite Clover Compound:

M.O.Q       : 2
Brand        : Henkel


Loctite Clover Compound :

LOCTITE CLOVER Silicone Carbide Grease Mix (loctite 54 grit) is a petroleum-based grease mix that allows the final finishing of metal surfaces not practical with mechanical methods alone.
LOCTITE® CLOVER® Silicone Carbide Grease Mix is a petroleum-based, machining and lapping grease mix that is the standard abrasive paste for fast metal removal. It produces a smooth, flat surface, but not a polished one, while leaving a rust-preventing film on lapped surfaces.
  • Retains texture & lubrication properties during extended lapping
  • Typical applications include lapping, honing and grinding valve seats, gear teeth, dowel holes in dies, bushings, flat surfaces on seals and castings, machining parts, shafts, knives and cutting blades
  • Available in up to 12 grades/grit sizes – Grade A-G; Grit 80-1200

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