KSB Multi Tec Pump (Centrifugal Pump)

KSB Multi Tec Pump (Centrifugal Pump)


Applications of the KSB Multi-tec series:

  • Water supply, drinking water supply, irrigation
  • Pressure boosting
  • Condensate transport, boiler feed systems
  • Heating systems, hot water supply
  • Filtration systems and washing plants
  • Fire protection systems
  • Industrial plants
  • Desalination plants

Benefits of the new Multi tec 200 / 250 at a glance: 

Operating reliability

  • Special impeller designed for good suction performance and smooth running even under poor suction conditions
  • Axial thrust balancing ensured by balancing drum for a long service life
  • Casing and diffuser wear rings for increased protection against wear
  • Casings made of nodular cast iron produced at European foundries

Energy efficiency

  • High system efficiency with optimised hydraulic design and impeller trimmed to the duty point
  • Energy savings of up to 60 percent for pump sets equipped with PumpDrive R and PumpMeter 

Ease of service

  • Suction and discharge nozzles can be turned in steps of 90° and adjusted on site.
  • Easy dismantling of bearing and shaft seal without the need to remove hydraulic components thanks to:

Casing nodular cast iron
Impeller bronze Diffuser grey cast iron / bronze
Shaft stainless steel
Other features
Flanges DIN or drilled to ASME
Drive direct by electric motor

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KSB Multitec pump series covers an outstanding range of applications. The wide choice of materials and variants makes the Multitec multistage ring-section pump a true all-rounder. With its Multitec 200 / 250,

Technical Data:
Flow rate up to 1500 m3 /h / 6604 US gpm Head up to 400 m / 1312 ft
Discharge pressure up to 40 bar
Fluid temperature up to 60 °C / 140 °F
Frequency and number of poles 50 and 60 Hz, 4 poles
IN Line Size    :  Upon order
OUT Line Size: Upon order
Flange PCD    :   Upon order
Condition       :   Reconditioned (Used)
Brand Name  :   KSB Germany
Warranty       :    1 Month

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