Submersible Pump (Summer Pump)

Submersible Pump (Summer Pump)


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pecifications & Features:

Easy to install The pump’s own weight ensures self-centering seating in the discharge tube, and an O-ring seals it in. No anchoring or anti-rotation elements; quick to install or remove.

2 Trouble-free operation Mechanical seal in tandem arrangement protects against fibrous material. Years of trouble-free operation thanks to liquid reservoir and high-quality wear-resistant seal face materials.

3 Economically efficient The slim motor minimizes discharge tube flow losses.

4 Reliable Bearing temperature monitoring, thermal motor protection, leakage sensors in the motor/connection space and leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal system.

5 Hydraulically Optimized Low-vibration hydraulic system; inlet ribs and optimized bell mouth for vortex-free inflow.

Pump casing Grey cast iron
Motor housing Grey cast iron
Shaft 1.4021.05/1.0457.05
Impeller Duplex stainless steel
Wear ring Stainless steel
Screws, bolts and nuts A 4

Technical Data:
Flow rate         up to 7,000 l/s
Fluid temperature up to 4 0 ˚C
IN Line Size    : Upon order
OUT Line Size: Upon order
Flange PCD    : Upon order
Condition       : Reconditioned (Used)
Brand Name  : KSB Germany
Warranty       :  1 Month

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Rain-coat 1, Rain-coat 2