DVP-EH2 Series

DVP-EH2 Series


Condition : Brand New
Brand         : Puma
M.O.Q        : 1


DVP-EH2 Series:


The EH2 series is well-equipped with exceptional operational speed, a sizable programming capacity, built-in application and numerous communication instructions, special extension modules, and function cards, allowing the MPU’s efficiency to be fully utilized.


MPU points: 16, 20, 32, 40, 48, 64, and 80.
‧Max. 512 I/O points
Program step capacity: 16K
Execution time for instructions: 0.24 s (basic instruction)
Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 connection ports that are compatible with the MODBUS ASCII/RTU communication protocol
10,000 words in the database
10,000 words in the file
Output of high-speed pulses:
A/B phase 200KHz pulse output (Y0, Y1)(Y2, Y3) and 2-point 200KHz pulse output are supported by the 20-point and 32-point models as well as the 40-point versions (Y4, Y6).
Four hardware high-speed counter groups are built-in. Bandwidth is the maximum. a single counter’s capacity for counting.

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