DPA Series Pressure Sensor Puma

DPA Series Pressure Sensor Puma


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Brand        : Puma

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DPA Series Pressure Sensor Puma:


DPA Series Pressure Sensor Puma

The slender pressure sensor from Delta’s latest generation is compact, lightweight, and supports a variety of installation techniques. DPA can be used with all of Delta’s industrial automation products in the high-tech electronics industry, general processing industry, food packaging industry, and automatic assembly industry. It also has high measurement accuracy, excellent stability, high shock and vibration resistance, good over-load capacity, anti-corrosion, and heat resistance.


  1. Energy-saving mode
  2. Shows Easy codes
  3. 3 colors showing a display
  4. Different conversion functions
  5. Various output modes
  6. Speedy zero reset
  7. Analog output function
  8. Parameter copy function

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