Coded safety switches PSENcode

Coded safety switches PSENcode

Brand     : Coded safety switches PSENcode
Made In : Germany
M.O.Q    : 1


Coded, Non-Contact Safety Switch PSENcode :

PSENcode is open to products from other manufacturers. So the coded safety switch fits perfectly into your environment and can be used to upgrade your plant!

Combine PSENcode with safety device diagnostics and evaluate comprehensive diagnostic data to avoid service callouts and reduce downtimes.


PSENcode for position monitoring :

One version of the coded safety switch PSEN csx.19 is suitable for safe position monitoring. In this case PSENcode safely monitors up to three positions, which the sensor can also safely differentiate. Diagnostics are quick and user-friendly via LED display – whether you use the compact or the large design. Thanks to the connection type (M12 connector, 5-pin), the new PSENcode fits perfectly into any system environment.


Common features of the coded safety switches

Common features of the coded safety switches
  • Mode of operation: RFID transponder technology (non-magnetic action principle)
  • Diagnostic interface: 3 LEDs
  • Designs: narrow, compact or large
  • Outputs: 2 safety outputs
  • Inputs: 2 safety inputs
  • Protection type: IP67 / IPK69K



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