Afico Pipe Insulation

Afico Pipe Insulation

Condition : Brand New
Brands      : Afico KSA Imported.


Afico Heavy Density Pipe Insulation :

Pipe Insulation refers to a specific type of insulation material designed for pipes, commonly used in industrial, commercial, and residential.


  1. Material Composition Of Pipe Insulation Leggings : Afico Heavy Density Pipe Insulation is typically made from materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool, or closed-cell foam. These materials are chosen for their thermal insulation properties and durability.
  2. Heavy Density: The term “heavy density” indicates that the insulation materials is more compact and denser compared to standard insulation products.


These Heavy Density Pipe Insulation provides effective thermal insulation for pipes, helping to improve energy efficiency & hence cost saving , It regulates  temperature , and protect pipes from environmental factors.

Mostly used as Boiler steam pipe insulations, Gas / Oil pipe lines insulation ,hot pipe insulation ,Cold pipe insulation, As hot and cold insulation material in pharmatutical and food processing industries,


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