• KSB High pressure pump

    KSB Versatile High Pressure Pump

    Multitec is one of the most versatile pumps in KSB’s extensive range. A large choice of available materials and designs ensures an ideal match for the fluid to be handled and the system the pump will be installed in.

    The Multitec high-pressure pump in ring-section design is also available with a Pump Drive variable speed system.


    • Water supply
    • Drinking water supply (ACS)
    • Industry
    • Irrigation
    • Heating, filtering, fire-fighting, reverse osmosis, snow guns, washing plants

    Benefits of the Multitec high-pressure pump:

    Ideal adjustment of suction and discharge nozzles to the system

    Low NPSH value
    Special suction impeller

    Wear-resistant, self-aligning plain bearing made of silicon carbide; excellent suction performance

    High availability
    Balancing of axial thrust for a long service life

    Easy to service
    Easy dismantling of bearing assembly and mechanical seal

    Low operating costs
    Only one shaft seal on most installation types; hydraulic system with optimum efficiency

    Other features
    Flanges DIN or drilled to ASME
    Drive direct by electric motor

    Cast iron Bronze
    Nodular cast iron (only for 200 and 250) Cast steel
    Duplex and super duplex stainless steel Stainless steel