Loctite 271 Thread locker

Loctite 271 Thread locker


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Brand        : Henkel Imported.


Loctite 271 Thread locker Product Details :

The Loctite 271 Thread locker 250ml red thread lock is available for enduring locking and sealing of threaded fasteners.

Loctite 271 threadlocker cures in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces, preventing leaks caused by stress and vibration. Loctite threadlocker red tolerates light contaminations of industrial oils. Typical applications are the locking and sealing of large bolts and studs up to the size of M25 or m35 etc.

Features Of Thread Locker :

High strength
Cure time: 24 hours
Operating temperature ranges available from -55⁰C and 150⁰C.
The fixture time of steel, brass and stainless steel is about 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.