Fotek EMK-01 Magnetic Scale Sensor

Fotek EMK-01 Magnetic Scale Sensor

Fotek EMK-01 Incremental Magnetic Scale Sensor :

  • Non-contact measurement: Eliminates wear and tear associated with mechanical contact sensors, leading to longer sensor life and lower maintenance costs.


  • Compact size: Sensor head dimensions of 40 x 14 x 8.5 mm make it suitable for integration into tight spaces.


Brand Name      : Fotek
Model #              : Fotek EMK-01
Condition           : Brand New
M.O.Q                 : 1


Fotek EMK-01 | EMS&EMK Series Incremental Magnetic Scale Sensor In Karachi Pakistan :

The Fotek EMK-01 is a compact and powerful incremental magnetic scale sensor from the versatile EMS&EMK series. It’s known for its high reliability, accuracy, and resistance to harsh environments, making it ideal for precise position and displacement measurement in various industrial applications.

  • Technical Specifications :

    • Excellent repeat accuracy: ±0.01 mm, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

    • Robust design: Suitable for harsh circumstances with a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and resistance to dust, shock, and vibrations.

    • Flexible Reading Distance: Ranges from 0.1 to 4.0 mm, accommodating various mounting configurations and applications.

    • High-Speed Output: Up to 2000 kHz, allowing for fast data acquisition and real-time processing.

Applications :

  • Machine tool positioning: Tracks movement of axes and spindles for precise machining.
  • Robot arm control: Monitors arm movement and ensures accurate positioning.
  • Material handling systems: Measures conveyor belt travel and object positions.


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