Air Water Generator

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Air Water Generator:

This Equipment called an air water generator is made to draw water vapour out of the atmosphereic air and turn it into drinkable water.In a closed inlet chamber system this whole process happens, air is filtered to eliminate dust particles and condense it into liquid form. After that, it undergoes filtering and Ultra violet sterilisation to be made into a superior-quality drinking water that is free of bacteria.


A self-sufficient water supply for yourself so you won’t need anything else.
lowering environmental carbon footprints and plastic waste.

How It Works:

A water vapour extractor system called an air water generator turns water vapours into drinkable water. Dust is extracted from and condensed into liquid as air enters the closed inlet system. In order to ensure the manufacture of high quality drinking water free of microorganisms, this is next filtered through a filtering equipment and sterilised by UV light.

Through its cutting-edge devices, Air Water Generator offers a clever and practical method of manufacturing and dispensing water. These offer an intriguing advantage over their market rivals in that they turn airborne water vapour into clean water. Additionally, the price range is fair and the quality is excellent. Visit AWG, the top atmospheric water generator in Pakistan, to look through our selection of eco-friendly, clever, and cutting-edge Accessories.


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