• KSB RO Pumps High Pressure

    KSB RO High Pressure Pump

    The high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series are employed in reverse osmosis processes. They stand for operating reliability coupled with low energy and maintenance costs in the desalination of seawater and brackish water.

    High-pressure pump Multitec-RO The multi-stage high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series are ideally suited to small and medium-sized systems. For example

    • In hotels 
    • Onboard vessels
    • In transportable containers

    In desalination the pumps handle up to 10,000 cubic metres of water per day. They manage heads of up to 1000 metres and a maximum flow rate of 850 cubic metres per hour.

    Benefits of KSB Multitec-RO series:

    Reliable operation 

    • Corrosion-resistant design made of duplex or super duplex stainless steel

    Low maintenance costs

    • Maintenance-free plain bearing
    • Only one mechanical seal
    • Wear parts are easy to replace

    Other features

    Flanges DIN or drilled to ASME
    Drive direct by electric motor


    Casing Duplex / super duplex steel
    Impeller Duplex / super duplex steel
    Diffuser Duplex / super duplex steel
    Shaft Duplex / super duplex steel